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2003-02-19 @ 9:00 p.m.
I Sigh I Stir

It is a Waning Moon

But Power is There

The Full Moon was on the 16th

The New Moon is in 9 days

And the Wind is Blowing again

I Sigh I Stir
Within the circle
of my lovers arms

The wind outside
sends questing, flirting fingers
'round my windwows
tickling my latched door

I Sigh

Outside on a mountain top
stands a slender girl
Dark hair, made darker with shadow
whipped 'round her
by the growing wanting wind

I Stir

Her pale arms raise high
hands reaching in need
and call down to her the
Silvery Moon.

I Sigh I Stir

Within the circle of my lovers arms
a whimper builds in my throat
as the girl turns
to face her stag.

Facing each other they
Melt away into the dark
I feel myself straining
to follow a heat
I used to feel
building inside me.

I Sigh I Stir

and my lovers arms
tighten to hold me.

I Sigh

and turn back

to face my stag
and know that I have
other types of mountains now.

I Stir

Different duties, different chases
with their own kind of heat.
No longer maiden,
not quite crone.
Still the blood moves me
When the wind blows
and rides the Full Belled Moon

I Sigh I Stir

Within the Full Circle
of my lovers arms
and snuggle down
to find the root,

The Latch firmly on the Door

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