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2003-02-21 @ 7:55 p.m.
100 Things That Might Make Sense

100 Things

An idea from my friend Paladin and from reading Sundry's diary. It's pretty good check it out. I had to think a while for this one. *G* And I changed the format to suit myself.

Bands I've Seen Live(to start things off)

1.Rod Stewert



4.Paula Abdula

5.Stevei Wonder


7. Led Zepplin - Stairway to Heaven - oh WOW

Things I'm looking forward to daughter graduating from highschool intact, that means not destroyed by apathetic teachers, drugs, alcohol or abusive boyfriends. Whew!

9.My son graduating from college and getting his first job. Yeah! son getting his first apartment

11.Summer and camping and fishing and just being on the water.

12.I am NOT looking forward to my daughter going to college away from home. Truth is - I will miss her terribly.

Things I Wear Everyday



All other items subject to change. lol Lets see now whats next.

15.I have two cats. The small psychotic, multicolored one is female, "Lady Skitty Kitty" because she skitters from place to place. The large male is grey with a white throat and white front paws and is fluffy but has short hair. He is huge. He loves to be scratched and gets so into it you can get him to fall off of things. Yes I know I am mean. He gets me back by waking me before my alarm goes off in the morning.

16.Something I hate is getting a teenager up for school every morning. Yuck. I hate 5:30am as much as she does. (Makes me wish I could appologize to my mother)

Annoying Things-doesn't everyone have things that really annoy them

17. When Meds interfere in my life like making me slow.

18. Of course if not for them it would be pain interfering in my life and that makes me grumpy and hard to live with. I can't even brush my own hair at times. OUCH!

19. Being unable to Dance like I used to. Not just when we go out but Belly Dancing. I used to teach it. Danced for 17 years.

20. It annoys me when Dale (my guy) whispers E.R. in my ear when I look like I am going to dance too hard.

21. Snow White. I really like Shreck when she lands on his table. I don't know why Snow White should annoy me but she does.

Things I Touch Daily

22. My side of the bed as I slide out and stretch each morning. Trying not to fall as I head for the alarm button.

23. My coffee pot-oh yummmmm

24. My daughter to wake her up for school.

25. My son as he goes to school.

26. Dale

Things I Do Everyday

27. Stretch

28. Drink Coffee

29. Wake Stephanie-like poking a sleeping skunk

30. Get her out the door.

31. Take Meds

32. Meditate

33. log on and see whats going on or play my on line game- I'm addicted

34. Talk to my sister

35. Ok, why do they always want dinner?

Some Things I really Love

36. Watching my daughter sleep.

37. Seeing her come in the door after school.

38. Watching her fence, shoot, belly dance-just watch her move

39. Squirt gun fights

40. Listening to my son as he explains a paper he is writing for a class. He has Spina Bifida and wasn't supposed to make it at all.

41. I love weather. Storms, wind rain. All of it. Well, I live on the beach so I get a good view of it. I don't think I would like it so much if I had to work in it. lol

42. Books, Books, Books, I don't know if I could live without books. Security blanket stuff here.

43. I am also fascinated by beads and gemstones. All those shiny colors to play with. I make jewelery for the summer tourists.

44. Art for arts sake. I do Artistamps and Art Trading Cards and Sketch.

45. My daughter Stephanie sketches and will be better than I am soon. Cool..

46. Movies, Action and things that blow up. Sweaty good guys. (well, some women with brains is always a plus). Dale always knows what kind to bring home.

47. Ok, I like chick flicks too.

48. Coffee breaks with my sister

49. Fast cars

50. Computer games online. Right now it is "Asherons Call" I am a gimpy low level sword fighter at the moment. I know I will advance if I keep at it. Its a fun place to forget the days "itchs" and play.

51. I am fascinated by Tatoos. I have one myself. Not one of those small girly ones either. I drew one out to have the man do. Took two sesions. OUCH. and some scotch.

52. Henna tatoo's - I am getting good at doing those. I practice on Stephanie and her friends.

53. I absolutely hate pets dying.

54. I love bright red lipstick but it looks horrible on me so I never get to use it.

55. My hair is currently not a red found in nature. Cherry Red. I am a red head but I felt like spicing it up a bit.

56. I look best in costumes.

57. I adore corsets. (adore - heeeeeheee) even though I hate the process of making one. Always have a corset made for your measurements. The only way for comfort and a great look.

58. My hair is long enough to sit on now. I may trim it back a bit as I am getting tangled in bed.

59. I am a pagan by nature and training.

60. I read the Tarot for family and friends

61. I'm thinking of developing a dictionary of teenagers grunts, shrugs, growls, "I don't know"s, and silences. Ummm and pouts. All of which multiply for the female teen during a few extra tense days each month.

62. Teenage hormones, PMS, and I armed her with a sword. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

63. I like incense

64. Ok, this is a space filler. Did you ever notice that a cat is most likely to sit on your lap when A)want to go to the bathroom OR B)want to read the newspaper.

65. I still remember the "First Time"

66. I like chocolate-Always

67. I like popcorn. I also like popcorn with Junior Mints in it. This just freaks Dale out. That is a plus.

68. I hate housework. Dust bunnies are safe.

69. I make lists.----That doesn't mean I follow the list. I just like makeing them.

70. I write poetry. You might have noticed.

71. My favorite poets were suicides. Weird. But they were almost all bi polar

72. I don't think I get out enough.

73. I wish I could go back to school. Any courses, But metalworking and welding would come in handy with the jewelry fabrication.

74. My major in college was Microbiology.

75. My minor was Lit with the emphisis on Shakespear. Who in there right mind makes that kind of combination?

76. I love Shakespear.

77. I am not in my right mind. I sent it out for cleaning. This is just a loaner.

78. Just Checking-anybody with me?

79. French Vanilla coffee is my favorite. Then maybe a cup of hot chocolate

80. I've been divorced for 21 years. My family is a Matriarchy and going to stay that way.

81. Growing up even with a dad it was a Matriachy. I mean he was outnumbered. Actually my grandmother reigned supreme. And after her my mother.

82. Dale and I have been loving partners for 6 years now but we don't live together. Most people find this weird. But he is only about 3 min away. He is on the beach too.

83. I am never going to make it.

OH - here's one. I wore black before it was in style. Or was black always kind of in style. Did you notice the come back that turquoise is making? I can't even afford to buy the beads anymore.

84. I miss the few years I had as an adult living with my mother in a really big house. There were also my sister and her three kids plus my two. Weird - but we both had break ups at the same time and asked mom if we could come home. Instead of just saying yes. She sent plane tickets.

85. I miss coffee in the morning with mom and my sister. We gather befor around the kitchen table and gossip.

86. I miss tea at night after the kids were in bed with my mother and my sister and hashing over the day. What everyone did and gossip, how the kids did in school that day. I just miss it.

87. I have coffee in the morning and tea at night still.

88. I mix my own teas from bulk. I mean, really, have you ever checked the price per pound of TEA! It just makes sense.

89. I want to be cremated when I die. Warmmmmmm

90. Ever have trouble throwing things out? I hate it. You never know what you might need.

91. Electicity is NOT my friend. I am always blowing light bulbs. Electrical things in cars. etc. I should have stock.

92. I like photography. SLR's are the best. I wish I had room to set up a darkroom so I could do my own black and white. I keep looking at the bathroom and thinking about it.

93. Recently I was dragged to a scrapbooking party by my sister. Didn't want to go-No. but I went and foun out I liked it. The only problem is that their are way too many "cute" things and not enough of the ones I want to use.

94. Sneaking off for outdoor hanky panky (weird phrase that

95. I love moonlight on the full moon nights. You should try a moon bath sometimes.

96. I like hot tubbing in the rain. I wear a baseball cap.

97. I love hot tubbing when it's snowing. At night. Watching the flakes come down is just great.

98. I hate bored kids. they huff and make you feel like it's your fault.

99. I love to watch them playing though. Especially on the trampoline.

100. Oh MY! ok, think....I really hate balancing my check book. It keeps falling off my head. Ok, I don't seem to be able to remember to enter every check. A college graduate that can't keep her check book straight. Well I can't spell either.

I made it. I hope it's not too boring. What a talker I can be.

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