This morning I feel like Scratching Something

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2003-03-17 @ 2:00 a.m.
Razor Blade Smile

Razor Blade Smile

So I cut and let out a little bit of steam. Corrosive in a fluid form, that runs through my veins, so strong it could eat right through a steel wall.

Supermans enemies should try some. All containded in one small, neat, easy to carry little package. Just "POP" the top and spread it around. Messy though....I guess you could only use it once that way.

So I'll cut and let out alittle at a time and let that super sigghhhh that comes with it - that breath held - I'll let it loose and maybe I'll be able to Breath again and Walk and Talk and Smile like

Every-Body-Else!!!(till next time)

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