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2003-03-19 @ 3:40 p.m.
Desire is Spinning

Dang it Dale does not get tonight off of work or tommorow night. They have changed the schedules at his place of employment. Yuck. Not what I wanted to hear!!!! Cuddles, yes, cuddles are needed. We should be independantly wealthy! We are both lucky. We live about 2 min from each other, both of us on the beach. He has the better view of the marina. It's always fun sitting on his porch and watching people screw up on opening day for salmon. They try to launch their boats and jack them or the boat won't start. I even have binoculars for those up close momments. *evil grin* I also have cards that are numbered 1-10 which I can hold up to let the best ones know how they are doing. Dale's a mechanic and the ones who know him usually drag him off to see a motor with problems before the day is done but thats a little extra money so I'll sip my coffe and use my flash cards.

But thats not tonight. I want him over here tonight. I am in a selfish mood and want my way which isn't going to happen. Darn!

Desire is spinning
sky blue

the ice is darker
Who could remember
What that means?

Desire has fallen
slow hands
by accident

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