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2003-03-23 @ 11:48 p.m.
Silent Conversation Over Morning Coffee:Poem and more

Silent Conversation Over Morning Coffee

"Was there a moment
with you",I ask him
with my eyes
"that I was Bright and
when I was
like a penny
hardly used
Instead of used hard
Used Up?"
"Did I have
that Glowing
Melt - in - Me
Bright Eyes"
and curling lashes
fly away seen only
on T.V. hair
Barbie mouth, slightly open
in wonder and perpetual
Just for you?
I don't Remember
I am NOT

To the empty room.

Isn't love grand? Well it never hurt to keep on believing in something.

What a dismal day. News is alarming. But what did we expect, bloodless? The Award Ceramonies were low key. Some grandstanding as usual. Some Boos.

So I did some fan fic reading. Musefool is good as always. I just can't see Legolas/Gimli one on one though no matter what. eewww. Sundry makes me laugh. I read a little fan fic on Harry Potter that was too funny. Malfoy's father as a journal writer. "Must kill wife. Where to hide bodies?" this is like the fifth time he needs to make a note to him self and find a place to hide a body. Too funny.

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