Today I feel: Ready for Bed!

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2003-04-04 @ 10:08 p.m.
-Time for Bed-Hieroglphys

Time for bed. No kids tonight and what am I doing. Just going to bed. Well I have company, If that counts. As the darling offspring get older, it gets harder to have a life that doesn't include them. As much as I love them it is sometimes nice to "not" have them in the house. I am such a bad mom. (insert giggle here)

so this won't be a long address to the waiting public. My public is waiting.

Oh, If anyone is interested I did find a fun Hieroglyphics translator. It is really kind of fun. I kept making up things to have it translate into hieroglyphs. Here is the URL you need for the site. It has quite a bit of othe info on it too. I must admit I am fasinated with all things egyptian.

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