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2003-04-07 @ 8:48 a.m.Rain and Snow
Thinking about my daugter and the poem "Angel Feet"

I was thinking about my daughter as she tossed and turned in bed last night. She was sleeping with me again. It might sound strange for a 13 year old to sleep with her mother still but that is what she does sometimes and I like it. We have our differences now more than ever. It's that growing - up - I - don't - need - anyone stage of the game. I went through it and lived. of course times were a little easier then.That time had it's devils and I ended up finding most of them. So, I know what she is going through. I also know most of the tricks to get what you want. *LOL*. Poor child!! Too bad she didn't have an innocent type mother, she could have run wild. I try to hold the leash lightly. She has a good head on her shoulders. I just have to hope she makes the right choices. When it comes down to it....I really can't do that for her. So a poem for my baby who really isn't a baby at all.

Angel Feet

My baby girl is sleeping on the couch her feet in my lap
I stroke them
Marveling in their
Angelic texture

Sharp innocence expressed
By two small, sleeping feet
Nestled in my lap

Asleep, she gives them,
trusting me
Lost on Waking
My baby has
Angel feet
Sharp bones, planes and
angles to catch the eye
Translucent skin, glowing
with an inner light

I feel like stroking
those feet and keeping them
safe from any harm

Rose petals would I strew
In her path, that no
thorns or stones bruise her as
she walks her way

I must give ger up
My "Pearl Without Price"
to the world as she wakes

Innocence Lost

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