Today I Feel like summer might actually happen-this year

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2003-04-13 @ 4:42 p.m.
Ramblings actually

Ok, it's been a few days. Had the flu and it rained. It rained. Got better. It rained. Oh, yeah, I am in a RAIN FOREST! why do I always forget that part. I mean I was born here esca.....moved away. Came back. Some sort of gravity thing called "suddenly single mom with two children calls mom and says can I come home. Is my room still there?" Of course my mom sent me a plane ticket by express. Mom's are so cool. Even when you are one, you still find times when you really need one. She died about two years later of breast cancer. I am so glad I came home and got to be with her again. I miss her. Still.

She hated/loved Alaska most of my life. Every time she got too stir crazy at camp she would take the dishes and throw them one at a time into the bay. Then see if she could shoot them before they sunk. She was a pretty good shot after a while. Dad would see that as a sign that she needed to go south for awhile and visit "her" mom. It all worked out, and we got new dishes about once a year. *GRIN*

I could do that too, but now I would have to buy my own dishes and I think they would be made of paper. Plus, there's no-one to visit anymore. Sigh. ... Well, my sister is moving from here to Hawaii but I don't think she would send me a ticket just postcards. Of SAND beaches. Or maybe guys in loincloths. That would be good too. We don't get that much up here. Too cold?

Today is one of those days that make it clear why you are in Alaska. Its sunny. Thats all it has to do. The scenery is beautiful. It's still cold but I had coffee on the deck while the sun was on it. Wrapped up a little but I was out! Now my daughter, with her stronger, younger, meaner, leaner, metabolism is out wandering the beach. Lucky youth. "Wasted on the young" as I once heard it. Well, soon it will be warm enough to have picnics on a beach. With a skiff I can pick anyone of them I want. I like that. Dale has all the packing down to a science. All the camping things in containers that fit the boat perfectly. Seriously, I think he likes the planning as much as the going. LOL

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