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2003-04-17 @ 6:29 p.m.
Lost Words-a Poem I like

Here's a poem a friend sent to me. Do you ever lose the word for something? It happens to me more now than it did before. Anyway I liked it. Since some of the upcoming poems are pretty hard to take I thought of Posting this nice one first.


Jean Burden

I do not believe in a God
who bothers Himself in the trivia
of this planet, but
Lord, could you find me this word?
I know it as well as my name,
but it is running backwards into darkness
as I lurch after it.
It stands for the small mammal
that ate raspberry parfait
at the back door in Big Sur; the huge one
that climbed through Eric�s window,
and clawed at his cats:
the old one that made a shambles of his kitchen.
I say possum, skunk,
porcupine, knowing it is not any of these.
The word, Lord! You are supposed to be good
at words. Remember the Word? It is midnight
and I yearn for the elusive thing. I sleep
and waken. It is coming closer. It skitters by
avoiding my eyes. I scurry from attic to cellar
of my mind. It is not there.
Weasel, squirrel, badger, rat.
I am not asking to see the dark side of the moon, God.
Only one word. Will you give it to me with Your light?
I roll to one side. The beast
turns its black triangle of a face
full on me. Ah, raccoon.

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