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2003-04-24 @ 2:39 p.m.
All Things Dead

Just Poems today.

All Things Dead

All things dead

Read the sign above The Door.
So of course I had to
Step inside, to cross the threshold
to cool must darkness
slightly musky, moldy smells
Wisping on the air

Walls hung with heads
to stare at me.
Cupboards crowded, cobwebs,
with animals in every pose.

All caught as if staring into
oncoming headlights,
Forever coming toward them,
never stopping, never turning.

Some snarl, some raise themselves in
outrage against harm to be done.
Some placed in cuddly poses
for all eternity
All with empy eyes
Staring down at me

All things Dead. Read the Sign Above the Door.

So of course I had to step inside.

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