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2003-04-25 @ 1:21 p.m.
Norse::Fresh Start Spell

This spell has it's origin in Norse culture. It is used when making a fresh start such as a new home,moving, a new job etc.

The tides are ruled by the moon and are most powerful during the Full moon. This spell is best if performed during the Full moon.

You will need:

1 silver coin

2 shells

fresh or dried vervain leaves

a flask of wine or grape juice


Hold the silver coin, the two shells and the vervain leaves in your hand and stetch you hand out before you. Ask for the moon's blessing. Drink a toast to the sea and the moon. Clear your mind for your purpose. Throw one shell as far into the waves as you can, chanting your wish as you do so. With the other shell, write your name in the sand along with your wish. Wrap the shell and silver coin in the vervain leaves

to make a small bundle. Count seven waves coming in, then bury the bundle in the sand in the center of your message. Retire and wait for the incoming tide to recieve your wishes. As you wait, chant:

"Tide and time receive my wish,

and grant me new beginnings"

author unknown

a few things changed by Frances Martin

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