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2003-05-12 @ 5:40 p.m.
Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day has come and gone. I find I miss my mother more this year than ever. I still have dreams on occasion that my mother, my sister and myself are all gathered around the big kitchen table she had. Just drinking coffee. The kitchen was our place and the morning might get a little hectic with getting kids off to school and adults off to work but nights were for sharing the days adventures and miss-adventures. Even if it was decaff, Mom always had to have some coffee on. Good ol' Mississippi upbringing I think. The last three years of her life we all lived together again. My mother loved it. All her chicks safe under one roof. My sister had three children and I have two, so it was a BIG roof.

My sister and I still went out once and a while. After all we were grown up. but not in momma's eys. not completly of course. I don't think any kid is ever. If you want a taste of the day after you just take a look at my page in Archives "Tracy and I with Hangovers"

Well, those years as a grown up, moved back in were some of the best I spent with her. Old enough to be a friend along with being a daughter. Part of me will always need her and part of me will always miss her. Mom's are special.

I woke up smelling coffee on the air and knew she had been by to take a look, just checking, a morning talk to catch up like before.

Thanks for everything Mom. I love You.

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