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2003-05-17 @ 8:44 a.m.
A life on Hold


for the second coming of the savior - Jesus, Jupitor, Isis, Astart, the Green Man, Shiva - You Pick

I'm waiting for magick to be real. and my hair color to change by wishing it. My boyfriend into a toad

I'm waiting for the "One True Love" of my LIFE to walk through my door. Nicely silouetted in a flash of lightning. With broad shoulders, rippling muscles, dark suave, handsome ambiance, a Vin Diesel smile and laugh and an IQ lower than mine.

I'm waiting for my lost virginity. I would like it back for one more go round. Do it right this time.

I'm waiting for the President to call for a conference on World Peace and actually get results. No cigars.

I'm waiting for my lotto numbers to bit the big one. Even though I never buy any tickets.

I'm waiting for the revolution. Somewhere the wheel is always turning. Somedays it is up and somedays it is down.

I'm waiting for pain medication to actually work. It is my turn to get off this rack for just one hand of hours. Just one and I can sleep.

I am waiting................

A life on hold!

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