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2003-06-25 @ 10:49 a.m.
Ramblings today

Ramblings Today

Today the weather has turned to rain again. This makes it cold in here. I guess I'll start a fire soon. I hate to use up any of the wood I have saved for winter but I don't have the money for oil right now. I am using the oil money on my daughters summer art program. She recieved a scholarship for a program in art here in town that will cover three different areas of art, still life sketches, life sketches, and pen and ink. They covered almost the whole cost. I just had to save up about $200.00. I think it is important that she has this opportunity. She is a great artist for her age and has won one town award, where they arts council looks at all the art in different catagories from the school kids, and picks from each one. Got to meet the mayor on that one. It was fun. They arranged a luncheon on one of the big cruise ships.

Now the other reasons. 1)She's 14 and starting highschool next year, alittle more self esteem won't hurt. 2)Her new boyfriend is working on at a lodge run by his uncle all summer and shes deppressed. 3)4 of her girlfriends are out of town for the summer or moving. This is a small town and I don't want her parked on the couch all summer, neither will I let my pearl without price wander said town without my knowledge so there goes the walks in the evening around the town. 4)Right now these girls look older than the 14 they really are. And no, I don't think they will stay out of trouble all together and forever. I'm not that dumb. I already did that and more when I was young. I just hope to slow it down.

I had a nice person sign my guestbook who wanted to know about my missing pages. Well I will try to keep up a little better. I have Fibromyalgia and somedays it is way too much to sit at the computer for very long. Besides, I don't want to just go OUCH! @#$%%!!!!! So I end up waiting. (grin) Now what would really help would be a laptop that I could take to bed with me! That would be soooo neat. Not in the cards for this year but maybe next year. So what I was thinking I could do was just write while I was stretched out and get it all straight and then come in and put it in place. Then I might stay a little more current.

Oh, you guys are missing a treat. I had white king salmon for dinner last night. On the beach. BBQ'd with garlic, butter and onions. It was heavenly and the best part was that it was at my boyfriends house so he did all the cooking.(Big Grin on that one)

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