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2003-08-08 @ 1:22 p.m.
The poem::Silent Angels Quiet Demons

Silent angels sleeping
Quiet demons stirring, a
Silver kiss with a silent silver hiss
Slides across my skin, opening
Lines of scarlet, fast
For the eye to see

Silent demons dance
Across my skin
Quiet angels stirring
Sweet drops of satin life
Sucked from my fingertips

Demons and Angels drawn to
Silent kisses with their, oh so
Silent hisses, against my skin
an open invitation

Silently against my skin
Sweet life lapped silently
A testament, a sacrament

I transcend

Just a beautiful day out. I think Dale and I will go camping tonight. Dragging Stephanie away from her boyfriend-theres nothing like young love! Oh, my the moaning (and not in a fun way)that I will put up with. But no way is she staying home alone. I would have nightmares. She just finished her summer art classes so she is at loose ends plus her boyfriends work at a lodge is done so he's home. Recipe for disaster. They keep forgetting I was once that age and probably much worse than they have thought of. (I wish I could apologize to my mother. LOL) Makes it much harder to get away with things.

Travis should be in Seattle early tomorrow. I miss him already. Strange. It was time he moved out. I just thought he would live in town for awhile before striking out into the big "unknown". And Seattle is so far away. A plane ticket is about $400.00. Which I don't have at all. 'Alaska Airlines' has us at their mercy. They can charge anything they want really and we'll end up paying it just to get off this island once in awhile.

Dale gets to go south the end of the month. I am hoping he can manage a visit to Travis to see how he is doing. Anyway Dale (that truck maniac) is going to Long Beach in Oregon for their annual rally. The bum, he'll be in heaven! He has been rebuilding a Dodge pickup here. I say "buy a good used one" and he's all guy going "no,no, it will look much cooler with this engine and this body and this color. yada,yada, I just nod and say. "Oh, yeah, I guess I can see that. Pretty cool." Not a clue. Not one. Pretty bad. Oh well, maybe I'll read up on the history of trucks or something. Then when I nod my head and try to look like I know what he is talking about, I might even know a little about it. It would be a relief. Well, thats reading for later, now its time for errands and then I hope I haven't worn myself out (into the Fibromyalgia ouch zone) so I can still go camping.

Fibro days are where all my skipped pages come from. Sometimes I just can't sit at the computer. Sometimes, I just stay in bed. I wish for a laptop, a wish in vain I'm afraid. But someday.

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