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2003-08-11 @ 2:20 p.m.
Children Grow Up Too Soon and I miss Them

Well, my son and his new roommates made it to Seattle. I didn't hear from him when the ferry docked in Seattle and didn't sleep for two nights just imagining the worst and waiting for a call. The twerp.

See, the two drivers, Travis and one of the girls Gen, had only had their licenses for about three days before bordeing the ferry. Then to drive in Seattle. I told them to stop at the terminal and get a map and dirrections. They got lost, missed an exit, couldn't get back finally getting so frustrated and confused that they found a motel and slept the night. In the morning they hired a moving company to drive them to their new apartment.

Oh my! Well, they didn't get killed. Travis said they have found an Albertsons store so they won't starve until they run out of money. (hah?) Travis has a job cut out for him of learning how to handle a hand controlled car in so much trafic. Up here we only have two stop signs in the whole town. From one end of the pavement to the other takes about an hour. Quite a change for them. Small town to large town. Travis has to find the Social Security and Adult Public Assistant offices and get his paperwork in. So many things that need to be done. College and get checked in with the hospital there. (sigh)

I am not really a micro-managing mother but he and I have gone through his whole life mostly alone and I feel like I want to talk to him and make sure he's got it all down.

I think that everything that we have gone through has made us pretty close. We read the same types of stories or at least they overlap. We watch much the same movies. With popcorn and junior mints. I miss him already. Is it always so hard to let the first one go? Does it get any better?

I think I will be the same way with my daughter, but one of us may have killed the other by then. Mothers and daughters go through a strange period of growing up. Besides, he's more of a smiling, happy, everything will be just fine type of person. I know he has his terrors, we all do, but basically a pretty happy sort.

My daughter is very artistic, and now at 14 we can throw hormones into the mix. Ugh. I hate those things. She also likes to hunt, she fences and won't Let The Guy Win Just Becouse He's Cute basis. She is also so cute and afflicted with the unsureness of looks right now. But she's smart and should come through it. The world may have to look out for her.

But I will still miss her and cry when it's her turn to go away. I wish they could be with me always. It may be the one thing that could get me to move south. The ability to travel down a road and find people you love at the end of it.

I could be that old crazy woman that lives down the lane with all the cats who writes bad poetry and plays war games. Oh, wait, thats me now.

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