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2004-01-06 @ 6:52 p.m.
Vicarious Bell Bottom Fever

Jeans, jeans everywhere and not a pair that I will fit. Alas, alack, just ack.

Ripped, studded, slashed, zippered, bleached, dyed, painted, pasted, and low on the hips.

Should have saved my stripes, my 30 in bells, the velvets that hid from my mother in the bottom of my closet.

I lust! Satin stripes, cuffs, slits and safty pins. Things I dreamed of and always got shot down to firy death.

But wait, now I can make them for my daughter. (As soon as she's old enough.) I can play with all those forbiden fabrics, patchs and artifical scratches.

I just can't wait till she grows, so I can dress her up in all the things that I couldn't wear.

Vicarious Bell Bottom Fever.

Oh No!!! Do you think they will still be in fashion?

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