Today I Feel:: Grounded

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2004-01-11 @ 4:11 p.m.

I some times wonder why I wake each morning. Some people live more in their minds than most I think. Interior landscapes that extend without boundries or stop unepectedly, shocking the system with cold clarity to open doors. Doors through which to slide if one is brave enough. To take trips, explore worlds unknown to any other. Lives, lived in a single evening of Dreams. Colors and sounds that dance upon the very air. A feast for any palate. And all to evaporate with each dawn, evading grasping mental fingers sent hither, with tossed covers and each inquisitive cat.

I find myself waiting for sleep to take the lead. The hardest part of the day. The waiting for it to be over. Obligations met.

Will it be pleasure or pain that unfolds as I trip along the opening path. Hasty feet lead me onward and I do not care where. Answers and questions in tecnicolor graphics drawn by drunk gods at play. Exploring galaxies of thought. Draw me to the heart and let me walk between the bubbles of alternate realities. This to me is much to be lusted after. Grotesques and beauties side by side to love me and torture me, me, me. I am lost and never want to wake.

If I die with out waking, let me stay here and wander from room to room, world to world and experience it all forever more.

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